Windsurf course


We offer courses for the most adventurous who want to learn Windsurf.

With our classes you will have the chance to start learning this sport with the aim of becoming an autonomous sailor. We provide you with the best material: high volume tables and light sails adapted to the different physical constitutions.


We work with an efficient method so that all students can sail in a short time. Windsurfing seems to be a difficult sport, but with the proper guidelines we guarantee the navigation from the first day!


The scheduling of the session will be determined by the best use of weather conditions.



Duration: 2h

Minimum number of participants: 3

Ship to be used: collective and individual boats


The service includes  

Use of changing rooms and showers/ Life jackets



Sports clothing depending on the season:

- Summer and spring: swimsuit, T-shirt, a cap and sunscreen. 

- Autumn and winter: neoprene and diving shoes.



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  • 0-23
  • 24-34
  • 35-45
  • +46
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